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Exhaust Systems

Need muffler repair or replacement in Fremantle? Tyrepower Fremantle can provide exhaust system inspections and expert advice. Just call into Tyrepower Fremantle at 59B Queen Victoria St, Fremantle and we can inspect any pressing issues, or book an inspection the next time you are in the area on (08) 9430 5299.

Muffler repairs can be a cost effective alternative to replacement. Safety and performance are the most important things, so it always pays to do your research and get expert advice on what best suits the conditions in Fremantle.

If your vehicle is seeming louder than usual and you can see people ducking for cover when you start your car, or if you can smell a funny odor, or are getting headaches or feeling dizzy when driving your car it? Best to get a professional from Tyrepower Fremantle to check your exhaust system for you.

Some of the warning signs for a damaged exhaust system are not always this obvious. Increased fuel consumption and lack of power are other symptoms.

Even if your car is running seemingly well, it's always a good idea to have you exhaust system checked regularly as a part of your vehicles maintenance. Don't hesitate to give us a call on (08) 9430 5299 to discuss your options.

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